Thursday, December 16, 2010

Moving On

When I began Attic Salt in August 2009, I was living in DC, working for a newspaper, and blogging about my adventures at a personal blog, Ms. Cavanaugh Goes to Washington. I began that blog since I had things to say about the arts, restaurants, and events going on in DC that I wasn't writing about for other outlets, and I began Attic Salt because I had things to say about books, authors, and reading that I wasn't writing about for other outlets.

And then I moved to Chicago this summer, so I shut down Ms. Cavanaugh Goes to Washington, and kept Attic Salt around to use as a space to write about my project of reading all of Jane Austen's novels, and a space where I could reprint author interviews that had run in other places. But there was a problem with Attic Salt — I have too many interests to devote significant time and energy to just one of them. When I had my other blog, I could write there about an art show I saw or my new favorite food discovery. With just a book blog, I felt limited and began to distance myself from it.

Writing for publications in two cities means I'm already feeling like I'm here, there, and everywhere, so I want my Internet presence to be centralized. I want it to be a place where I can link to my articles, print outtakes from interviews, wax about restaurants I loved, and share thoughts on books, visual arts, culture, and any topic that strikes my fancy. And with that, I am unveiling a new eponymous blog, hosted on tumblr: Amy Cavanaugh. I am still going to keep up my personal Twitter feed, but I'll be shutting down the Attic Salt one. Anyone interested in keeping up on my thoughts on books should bookmark my new blog and follow me on Twitter here, @AmyCavanaugh.

Thank you for reading Attic Salt — it's been fun to write about books and get moral support during my Jane Austen project. I loved doing the Catching Up With An Old Friend series and sharing author interviews and beautiful book covers. Happy Reading!